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Denise is a fellow student at Night City High, where she can be encountered in the halls, lunchroom, and art class.

Special Qualities


  • Denise is part of the Rebel clique at school.
  • Completing the Counter Intelligence goal will increase the global influence you get from Gossiping with her.


Day of Week Morning Day Afternoon Evening
Sunday Out Out Out Out
Monday School School Out Out
Tuesday School School Out Out
Wednesday School School Out Out
Thursday School School Out Out
Friday School School Out Out
Saturday Out Out Out Out

Out: Character's whereabouts outside school are not yet implemented.



Rape Fantasy

See the Fetish guide for how to unlock a fetish.

The last part to unlock her fetish is actually split over three Physical Interactions. The first branch is with Kiss, then Grope will branch, then Blow Job. She needs to have enough corruption before the branch on the next interaction opens.

The normal location based interaction restrictions apply.

Once her Fetish is unlocked, invite her over at night and choose "Surprise Her". You advance her fetish and she continues to lose inhibition. This scene variation is not viewable in the replay.


Denise has the following events:

Event Condition Branches and Checks
Gym Mischief Alignment < 40, At Gym
Art Mischief Alignment < 35, At Art class

Need mischief actions documented.


Denise has these differences from the normal scenes found in the Phone Interface.


Group Scene Unlocked
Nympho Nympho 4 (Mary: Nympho) Nympho Progression, Nympho Mary
Obsessive Obsessive 3 (Events: None) Obsessive Progression, Normal Mom
Obsessive Obsessive 3 (Events: Waked Mom, Mom: Normal) Obsessive Progression, No Taboo Mom
Obsessive Obsessive 3 (Events: Waked Mom, Mom: Obsessive) Obsessive Progression, Obsessive Mom
Obsessive Obsessive 3 (Events: Waked Mom, Mom: Nympho) Obsessive Progression, Nympho Mom
Other Corrupted 3 (Party: With Kelly) High Corruption, Corrupted Kelly


Group Scene Reason
Obsessive Obsessive 3 Replaced by multiple variations.